Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It isn't that I think he's the antichrist

or is it? I cannot remember a time when I felt so sickened at the prospect of a candidate assuming the presidency. I was too young to be really affected when Carter was elected, and Clinton was an ineffectual buffoon, but his was the usual evil. The evil embodied in the person and the past of Obama is mind-boggling. He is anathema; against every value I hold dear.

I suppose the only thing that saves us is that the libs don't have a super-majority. I am actually physically ill today. I never imagined that the citizens of this country would actually ELECT a man who does not believe that the constitution should be the basis of governance for this country. I cannot fathom a people who would blithely hand over their security and freedom to a man who has demonstrated repeatedly that he understands neither.

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