Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the Heart of the Maelstrom

Haven't been here in a while...big doin's at the homestead, as they say out West. I am gainfully employed--thankfully, by a defense contractor, so the recession may not hit me quite as hard as some…and I'm adjusting to life as a Metro commuter.

We had an extraordinarily busy Christmas season--on our way out West to see my folks, news came from my husband's family about his mom having heart issues...and in Madison, Wisconsin, it doesn’t seem as though one could get a direct flight to the nearest airport in Hometown, New England. One can, however, get a Wi-Fi connection, something it would appear as though one cannot do in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Go figure. (You can also get a great burger at the Madison airport. I cannot vouch for MSP, because we were only there for about 10 minutes...the bathrooms, however, were spotless).

My much-stressed husband had about 4 minutes to decide whether to continue on with me out West, where we felt it very important to be...or to head back to the opposite side of the country to be with his own parents, who were going through the stress of dealing with another pacemaker implant.

It often seems at those moments that no choice is the right choice. Under stress, feeling more worried than perhaps he'd ever felt about the one person he didn't think he'd have to worry about, my husband made a tough choice; it turned out to be the correct one. We enjoyed what may have been our last opportunity to spend Christmas with my folks.

This weekend, we had planned to spend with my husband’s folks, north and east of here...unfortunately, his esteemed highness the soon-to-be coronated Messiah of the Secular Left has made that impossible by merit of the adulation and the Stalinesque self-aggrandizement he enjoys as he anticipates the imminent change in our country's administration.

All roads out of Virginia are closed--at least, all roads that cross the Potomac or dare to enter the District of Columbia...with the exception of the Wilson Bridge, which will carry most of the north and southbound traffic on the Eastern seaboard typically expected to traverse I-95. The American Legion bridge will also be open, but if you are traveling anywhere around DC, I suggest you avoid this area. Unless, of course, you are anticipating a joyful coronation…in which case, why are you reading this blog???

Naturally, our plans were to head north...and although leaving might not be a problem (assuming one left on Friday or early Saturday morning) returning is expected to be problematic indeed.

As I was en route to renew my ID today, I noticed that at your expense and mine, VDOT employees (making the current union rate) were (and undoubtedly still are) sitting in stationary trucks on a number of highways throughout the Metro area, they preemptively channel traffic into ever-narrowing lanes that will soon be forbidden to enter the District. In an economy as gloomy as perpetuated by the media, is that really the best use of our tax dollars? I think not.

(to be continued)