Monday, February 16, 2009

The End of Capitalism As We Knew It...

The unimaginable has happened. A liberal president, with an uber-liberal House of Representatives and three gutless pseudo-Republicans, has done the unthinkable...he signed on for debt that exceeds the entire gross domestic product of the world to pay off his liberal base. Billions upon billions of dollars of pork, with not a single job guaranteed.

What is guaranteed is inflation. Recession lasting longer, perhaps, than that Carter managed to create. Higher taxes. Entitlement spending. Irrational penalties to businesses already facing the most challenging economic situation in 25 years. The highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world. Government-controlled health care. Czars of this and that, bigger government, and $30 million for Pelosi's mouse.

Presidential lies. A Congress reneging on its promise to allow the public...the taxpaying public tasked to fund this behemoth of a spending bill...the opportunity to see what it was buying.

Senators and Representatives who voted on a bill they hadn't read.

Are you feeling buyer's remorse yet?

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