Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day

I've been pondering the worldwide "Draw Mohammed Day" and the Moslem response to it. Apparently the Pakistanis are too fragile to see something as horrifying as a drawing of a stick figure wearing a turban--so access to Facebook and Youtube have been blocked. Apparently, Facebook has caved in the face of Moslem disapprobation, and censored its users in supposedly free Western nations, as well. Not that Mark Zuckerberg is a proponent of free speech--his application has blocked Facebook users from making negative comments about it on their pages in the past, and his ethics are certainly questionable. However, we now know that he's a rank coward, as well.

I guess the Islamic populace cannot be trusted not to look at the drawings. A normal person, offended by the sight of something, would choose not to look at it. A normal person would just not go to the Facebook page showing the pictures of Mohammed. This is a rational response. An irrational response is to be so afraid of an image that you are willing to kill to prevent having to look at it.

This is Islam, the religion of peace.

I'm offended at many of the characterizations of Jesus Christ. Museums show images of people urinating on representations of Christ, and movies portray Christ in flagrante delicto. My response: I don't patronize the museum, I don't watch the movie. I don't threaten to murder the filmmaker, decapitate the artist, or blow up the museum or theater. Islam, the religion of peace, does.

In addition, Moslems riot in the streets, fire weapons indiscriminately in the air, burn American flags, issue fatwas against infidels, and generally make a colossal mess. Religion of peace? I don't think so.

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