Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Obama Can’t Defend America

I’m a big fan of bookstores—used books, new books, stores with nooks and crannies, stores with baristas—pretty much any store that sells books. It is one of the first things my husband, a veteran and a member of the armed forces for 20 years, and I discovered that we had in common. We both grew up reading—our parents were readers, and our mothers spent quality time reading to us. The first time I met his family in their home, I snuck out and called my mom, telling her gleefully, “They have BOOKS!”

My husband and I are the type of people who brave the masses for book sales and little else. We can often be found with our noses in a book, both figuratively and literally—there is nothing like the smell of an old, well-made, gently used book. One of my favorite used bookstore finds was a copy of a book edited by Donald Robinson, published in 1958, entitled, “The Day I Was Proudest to be an American.” I love the anecdotes in that book. My heart thrilled to read about the success stories of immigrants, the life-changing events witnessed by my fellow Americans, and so many moments that filled my heart with pride and honor at my good fortune to have been born in this country, to have been born an American.

This is a feeling that every citizen should share, but most especially, our nation’s leaders should recognize and share that sense of honor, of pride, of carrying the torch of freedom to others—of standing as a beacon of light demonstrating what honest labor, freedom of thought, and the pursuit of success in an open economy, should mean. Freedom isn’t a guarantee of success, but a guarantee that you have the opportunity to work for it in the freest market in the world. Liberty is not a guarantee of a chicken in every pot, but an assurance that your government will not impede you in your lawful and honest pursuit of it. Freedom of speech shouldn’t be used as an excuse to say anything one pleases without being held accountable; but rather, it carries an obligation to educate one’s self to gain greater understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship.

Obama is unable to support and defend America because he doesn’t comprehend what it means to be American. He has never put a stake in the ground and worked to defend it. He hasn’t looked to this country as a place of opportunity where hard work brings reward. He has never invested anything in America other than words.

Our president hasn’t spent much time in America; he was not educated in a system that by its very existence demonstrates American exceptionalism. His understanding of our Founding Fathers, of our Revolution, of our strenuous efforts to create a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, came from law school, not at his father's knee and not from basic civics classes in grammar school. He appears to imagine himself more a citizen of the world than a citizen of the United States of America; he is only proud of America when she conforms to his ideals. He married a woman who was only proud to be American once her husband was elected.

This is not leadership, and it is definitely not American leadership. A United States President must put this country’s interests FIRST. He must sweat and worry over the death of every soldier or Marine he sends to battle. He must recognize deeply within his soul and his gut that America is worth fighting for, that her ideals, her Constitution, her laws, and yes, her borders, are worth defending. He must recognize that every inch of this land was earned with blood, the sweat of hard work, and the patriotism of determined men who stood ready to die to ensure the survival of America.

Obama acknowledges none of this. The actions of this administration demonstrate that Obama is willing to subvert the law to maintain his tenuous hold on power. He is dangerous because he does not recognize that the survival of America is more important than his presidency--more important than any president. To remedy this, we must have rational Americans in control of Congress. Americans who understand what it means to be an American.

Remember this in November.

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