Friday, September 25, 2015

On Popes and Politics

In the aftermath of the papal visit to DC, perhaps the most memorable moment --other than George Will's scathing assessment of the papal politician's policy positions--was the unintentional irony of the White House equating Barack Obama with the Pope. At first blush, I thought--hey, just another symptom of the Obama narcissism--another effort by the President to promote himself and his cult of personality. When I really started to ponder it, though, I began to see similarities.

America is led by a pure politician, a man who cannot manage to separate his ego from his office, resulting in a litany of unseemly actions and behaviors from the White House and the presidency. Pope Francis seems much the same--unable to separate his personal politics--his socialist views and the wealth envy so typical of those raised in poverty--from his position as head of the Catholic church.

Pope and President are convinced of their inherent rightness, despite a plethora of science and demonstrated truths that prove them wrong. Both seek to redistribute wealth via forcible means--using the power of government, whether that be Congress or the UN, to play a game of global Robin Hood, rather than promulgating the moral rightness of charitable giving.  Both have an inherent dislike of America, a smug disdain for Americans, and little understanding of what it means to be American. Both wish to reduce the global status of America, and neither possess an understanding of what that would mean.  Far from being colorblind, both President and Pope see the world through the lens of color, and demand that others do the same. Both Pope and President expect the successful to bear guilt for achieving wealth, and both President and Pope demand penance for it.

In retrospect, they really do have a lot in common.